Santa Fe Office of Personal and Professional Development

The St. John’s Office of Personal and Professional Development works with current students and alumni, providing resources and support for all aspects of the career and job search, from initial exploration through later career changes.

In Santa Fe, the Office of Personal and Professional Development, also known as “OPPD,” offers a comprehensive set of career services to Santa Fe students and alumni. These include:

  • The TELOS Program: seven regularly scheduled workshops that prepare students for success after graduation.
  • Ariel Internships, General Pathways Fellowships, and Global Pathways Fellowships: generous funding to support Santa Fe students wishing to undertake internships or supplemental studies in the summer.
  • Preparation for Graduate School: information sessions, skill-building workshops (TELOS—see above), and individual consultation to ensure that students make wise choices about graduate school and submit strong applications.
  • Career Conversations: an annual series of conversations with alumni and other experts in a wide variety of professions.
  • National Scholarships: support in selecting and applying to top fellowships like the Fulbright Scholars Program, the Beinecke Scholarship, and the Projects for Peace Scholarship.
  • Individual Counseling: one-on-one appointments with OPPD staff to choose career directions, find internships and jobs, and hone professional skills.
  • For Alumni: a wide range of services for alumni.
  • For Parents: suggestions for parents to partner with us to ensure their student successfully transitions to life after graduation.
  • For Employers: how St. John’s graduates contribute to a creative, flexible, and productive workforce.